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Proffesional Family Health Care

Where we strive to get you off medication with natural treatmeant

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Dr. Ummekulsum will see you directly at the clinic and help you in your journey of healing. Call on this number to book your appointment.

Time : Morning 11am to 2pm

Address : Shop no 3, noorani flats, 216 khatiwala tank Indore

Time : Evening 5 pm to 8pm

Address : 673, Noorani nagar dhar road, indore.


Online consultation is to help and heal irrespective of distance. see you at your convenience without you having to wait in long queue and waste time in traveling.

In last 2 years we have been able to work with patients from more than 20 cities all over India. most of them are off medication. Our main aim is to get you off medication that make you dependent on them, heal your body and train it to heal on its own, while we assist.

Get started with the treatment from anywhere in the world.


Homeopathy is all about customized treatments.

We have some amazing hand made medicated products, and customized homeopathic medicine kit for you that you can use for your entire family and keep it handy when you are on the go.

About Essence Homeopathy


ESSENCE HOMEOPATHY CLINIC is one of the finest homeoapthy Clinic in INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, providing health care services online to patients all over the world and to local patients on a daily basis, bringing about fundamental as well as tertian Homoeopathy care services.

Dr. Ummekulsum is a homeopathuc consultant, and a passionate nutritionist. She has her expertise in chronic and lifestyle disorders, her passion is to help women and children live a drug-free life.

Diseases that last for more than 15 to 20 days are known as chronic diseases. Such diseases are usually treated with antibiotics, pain killers and steroids. We at EHC help the patient to bring lifestyle changes, and help the body to heal itself, and reverse the disease with natural homeopathic treatment. Our main aim is to get our patients off medication and help them live a life free of medicines.

Women have a very sensitive hormonal balance in their body, and disturbance with the hormones can affect all the other organs. Management of such conditions with external hormones create further imbalance in natural hormones as the body is now under the impression of external hormones. Leading to increase in weight lethargy and weakness. At EHC we focus on restoring the balance of natural hormones without external chemicals and thus restoring the natural state of the body which makes the women feel lighter and happier.

Children are very sensitive and most of them fall ill frequently until they turn 7 years old. What matters the most is how we manage each episode of such illness. On giving antibiotics frequently children lose their power of immunity and fall ill more frequently, do not eat well or gain weight. But at EHC with mild and gentle homeopathic treatment we can wonderful and quick results in children. The treatment helps to build their immunity and make them stronger to fight infections and climatic changes.

Services Offered at Essence Homeopathy Clinic

By Dr. Ummekulsum & Her Associates

Online Consultation

Dr. ummekulsum and her associates, can help you anywhere in the world through online consultation.


Diabetes Educator

Dr. Madhura Joshi is a certified diabetes educator and a homeopath. She can help you say bye bye to diabetes forever with her lifestyle guidance.


Chronic Diseases Expert

Dr. Ummekulsum is an expert is treating chronic diseases effective and getting patients off medication. To know more about the scope of your treatment book a query call with her.

Life Coach

Khadija Motar wala is an excellent life coach and NLP practitioner with experience of more than 10 years in rewiring human bran to think differently and achieve more


Women & Child Health

Get on board with us and treat your diseases with a holistic approach. At EHC you will be guided with home remedies treatments and we will identify what is that one thing that you are doing wrong and help you correct it to gain health.

Diet Consultation

Make your food your medicine with dietitian Sakina Sagore wala. A young enthusiast too good at her job and changing lifes with her expertise.


What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine all over the world, more and more people opt for homeopathy not only because its effective and safe, but because its gentle on your body. while treating one part of your body it does not affect the other part. But till today many people are unsure about its scope and true essence of it. My main aim to come on the online platform is to help you and create awareness that can benefit mankind and save many from leading a life that is free of medicine addiction.

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3 Months


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6 Months


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Frequently Asked


If you are on some allopathic treatment for a long duration, then we will gradually taper down the doses of allopathic meds. Your body can be used to those medicines, so it is not advisable to stop any long term medicines suddenly.
While you are on homeopathic treatment inform us before starting any other allopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicine does not contain chemicals. The medicines have more quality product in it rather than the quantity. Therefore it is safe to take at any age and situation. Do not take homeopathic medicine without any guidance. Though it is safe it has immense curative powers that do not play with it.

You will start to see the improvement in the first couple of months but for a permanent cure, a minimum of 3 months’ treatment is suggested.

Homeopathy has scope to treat various pregnancy complaints and if taken before conceiving it reduces the chances of abortion and helps the womb to nurture a healthy baby.

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Diet Plan With Exercise
1 month plan

Ideal for clinical conditions that have specific requirement and deficiencies.
2 Disease specific diet and general exercise to increase BMR
Follow up weekly
1800 INR

Diet Plan With Exercise
2 month plan

Ideal for clinical conditions that have specific requirements and deficiencies.
4 Disease specific diet and general exercise to increase BMR
Follow up weekly
3000 INR

Weight Loss Plan

Ideal for patients who need to loose weight. Hormonal obesity and general obesity.
Diet recommendations
Body specific exercise to loose weight and to e the body.
Loose upto 3 to 5 kgs every month.
Daily follow up on diet and workout.
9000 INR


673, Noorani nagar dhar road, Indore.


Mon. – Sat.  05PM – 08PM

Mobile No:

+91 7489311080


Now it’s a tremendous change in me. Before a 2 months ago, I had consulted to Dr. Ummekulsum Baghwala because my menstrual cycle are irregular, but in just 2 months only it’s improving gradually, not just my menstrual cycle through her medication my acne, headaches, tiredness also have been cured along with my mental health. It’s a genuine thanks to her to give me a better health and wellness through homeopathy medication


Dr. UmmeKulsum .. I came across your profile on Instagram as a coincidence.. was taking a allopathy medicine for my problem but that was effecting me no longer and was weakening my nervous system .. thankfully with ur online consultation facility as soon as I started ur medicine I stopped taking allopathy and alhamdolillah der is pain relief.. hopefully with ur help I completely overcome this problem

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