Who loves music?

Who loves a piece of well-played music with all perfect raga?

So next time when you hear some amazing music think about taking care of the simultaneously soft and subtle music being played by hormones inside your body.


Hormones play an important role in making a woman feminine, giving her that flawless skin and happy periods.
That symphony inflow of hormones is a sensitive balance that can be disturbed by any trivial stress or disease.

Now imagine at the time of disturbance of this hormonal play you introduce external artificial hormones in your body to correct it. How do you think it will be the symphony?

Super chaotic.

Your natural hormones will get further confused and disturbed by the entry of external hormones and would not know what to do and how to behave and meanwhile, the external hormones are doing what they are supposed to do temporarily give you periods and stop it. But what if these external hormones are withdrawn one day. The natural hormones are still confused creating more disturbance than before.
How to balance this sensitive symphony?
With a system that is gentle and natural in the approach that understands your body, understands the cause of disturbance and treats it as a body with mind and soul and not a single organ.
Did your mind say Homeopathy?
Yes! Nothing better than it. Homeopathy is known to trigger the body to heal naturally, it allows the body to heal on its own, without much disturbance and hence its dose is minute and safe and gentle on you, doing the magic and creating the balance.