Among all the amazing advancement one important change in the demographic scale is hype for gender equality and equal rights. But honestly, I do not support that, men are men and women are women, there is a reason why both build differently, men cannot think process to feel like a women and similarly, women cannot be tough and 100% practical like men, because women do not have testosterone and men do not have estrogen and progesterone and oxytocin. Dude women have more…haha


So, to me, gender equality is pointless what matters the most is freedom, freedom of thought-action and speech which every human deserves irrespective of gender, age, and social status.


In orthodox culture, women have been ignoring their troubles for years. Either they think they are born to bear and suffer or feel it is more important to take care of the child and family before they can take care of themselves. It is more of a habit than a difficulty to address the problem. One of the most commonly ignored problems that women go through is LEUCORRHOEA. They think it is ok to pass some amount of water daily.
So, let me tell you it’s NOT OK!
Mild leucorrhoea is normal 2 to 3 days before and after menses.
Many other complaints such as painful menses, itching, irregular menses, and low energy levels throughout the day are not OK.

It is not ok to bleed more, to bear more pain or to hide the problem only because it is in your boobs or genitals. It is as good a part of your body as your limb or stomach.

Ladies do take care of yourself and let a family, friend help you to seek the help of professionals.